Scholars Lab

Entrance to PCL Scholars Lab

six views of scholars lab spaces

Perry-Castañeda Library


101 E. 21st Street
Austin, Texas 78712

Mailing Address:

Scholars Lab
University of Texas Libraries
University of Texas at Austin
101 E. 21st St. S5460
Austin, Texas 78712-1490


(512) 495-4300


(512) 495-4296

The Scholars Lab is a PCL-based campus-wide resource that provides researchers with infrastructure, UT Libraries subject librarian and domain-situated expertise, and opportunities for learning, consultation, collaboration and research presentation to enhance multidisciplinary research and digital scholarship.

Scholars Lab services draw from a diverse group of UT Libraries experts to provide a framework of research and scholarship support throughout the research lifecycle: planning, conducting, publishing, and increasing access to and impact of research.

It is located on the entry-level of the Perry-Castañeda Library, in a space adjacent to the lobby and Scholars Commons. It includes a Data Lab, Scan Tech Studio for digitization of print materials and optical character recognition, hybrid meeting-enabled project rooms, and a variety of spaces for both individual and collaborative productivity.

two people in a discussion at a table


• Engage a growing community of serious scholars engaged in research and teaching enabled by digital technologies.

• Invite and nurture intersections of scholars at all phases of practice, and support project work reflective of all perspectives, lenses and voices.

a person at a desk working on a problem


• Build on a successful Scholars Commons pilot project.

• Facilitate the development of digital scholarship community and interdisciplinary researcher networks through physical meeting and group work spaces.

a person seeking help at an information desk


• Support digital literacy, data management, and experiential learning in a Data Lab environment with robust technology and tools.

• Provide programming that demystifies digital methodologies and highlights project work, such as Data and Donuts, the Digital Humanities Workshop Series, and the Digital Scholars in Practice series.

Spaces in the Scholars Lab

The image is of the Scholar's Lab. It shows eight tables with three computers at each table. The tables are facing the front wall of the lab, where there are two large screens.

Data Lab (in the Scholars Lab)

Type of Space: Computer Stations Location: Perry Castañeda Library (Second Floor)

The Data Lab may be requested by faculty/instructors for courses related to Digital Scholarship and/or data. The lab includes 32 iMacs, and specific software programs available are Stata MP, NVivo, and OpenRefine. To reserve a room, please view the policy and request form.

a series of computer desks and tables against a green wall

Scan Tech Studio

Type of Space: Computer Stations Location: Perry Castañeda Library (Second Floor)

Scan Tech Studio provides scholars access to advanced tools for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. The studio is equipped with a Zeutschel Scanner, OCR Flatbed Scanner, and a PC workstation. To reserve a room, please view the policy and request form.

A row of study tables with other built in lounging

Scholars Lab Open Study Spaces

Type of Space: Study Space Location: Perry Castañeda Library (Second Floor)

The Scholars Lab provides open study spaces, accessible to anyone without reservation.

open space with orange huddle rooms and collaboration island

Scholars Lab Project Rooms

Location: Perry Castañeda Library (Second Floor)

The Scholars Lab Project Rooms are reservable for students and faculty to conduct Digital Scholarship projects and offer Zoom technology for hybrid meetings. To reserve a room, please view the policy and request form.