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Scholars Lab

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The Scholars Lab will be a PCL-based campus-wide resource that provides infrastructure, UT Libraries subject librarian and domain-situated expertise, and opportunities for learning, consultation, collaboration and research presentation to enhance multidisciplinary research and digital scholarship.

It will be located on the entry-level of the Perry-Castañeda Library, in a space adjacent to the lobby and Scholars Commons pilot.

Scheduled opening: Fall 2023

Scholars Lab Advisory Group

  • Tanya Clement, Associate Professor, Department of English, College of Liberal Arts; Director, Initiative for Digital Humanities

  • Jim Cox, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Graduate School  

  • Eric Meyer, Dean, School of Information

  • Rachel Davis Mersey, Associate Dean for Research, Moody College of Communication

  • Luisa Nardini, Associate Professor, Butler School of Music,  College of Fine Arts

  • Emma Hetrick, Graduate Student, School of Information, Department of English

  • John Erard, Undergraduate Student, Department of History 

  • lorraine haricombe, Vice Provost and Director, University of Texas Libraries

  • Chris Carter, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, University of Texas Libraries 

  • Jenifer Flaxbart, Assistant Director of Research Support and Digital Initiatives, University of Texas Libraries 

  • Allyssa Guzman, Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Texas Libraries 

  • Catherine Hamer, Director of Academic Engagement, University of Texas Libraries


Research Support


• Engage a growing community of serious scholars engaged in research and teaching enabled by digital technologies.

• Invite and nurture intersections of scholars at all phases of practice, and support project work reflective of all perspectives, lenses and voices.

Scholarly Publishing


• Build on a successful Scholars Commons pilot project.

• Facilitate the development of digital scholarship community and interdisciplinary researcher networks through physical meeting and group work spaces.

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• Draw on a diverse group of UT Libraries experts to provide a framework of research and scholarship support throughout the research lifecycle: planning, conducting, publishing, and increasing access to and impact of research.

• Support digital literacy, experiential learning, and Digital Studies certificate and portfolio programs in a Data Lab environment with robust technology and tools.

• Provide public programming that highlights project work and demystifies digital methodologies, such as Data and Donuts, the Digital Humanities Workshop Series , and the Digital Scholars in Practice series.

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