SERVICE ALERT: A construction project on the entry level of the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) will result in occasional noise that could impact user experience. Consider floors 3, 4, and 6 as alternative quiet study options, and for collaborative study areas, please use floor 5. Earplugs are available at the PCL desk upon request. 

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The Foundry

The Foundry is a joint initiative of the University of Texas Libraries and the College of Fine Arts. It is open to all university students, faculty and staff.

The Foundry provides access to devices and tools such as a laser cutter, 3D printers, VR headsets, sewing machines, mills, cameras and other video and audio equipment. The Foundry also features stations with software to create video games, a video wall and a recording studio. The Foundry is located in the Fine Arts Library on the 3rd floor of the E. William Doty Fine Arts Building.

The Foundry at the Fine Arts Library

Get Certified to use our Equipment

Join our Canvas Course to learn about the equipment and services we provide. Some equipment requires certification, and other equipment is available on a walk-up basis.

VR at the Foundry

Faculty: Request the Foundry for your course

Request use of the Foundry for teaching, course related work, workshops, or other activities.

Spaces in the Foundry

Foundry Mac Pro Workstations

Mac Pro Workstations
icon for location marker  Fine Arts Library, Floor 3

6 Apple Quad-Core Intel i7 Mac Pros, each with two 27" screens and software for video and audio post-production, 3D modeling and Adobe Creative Cloud. Uses: Gaming, film, multimedia production.

Foundry Makerspace

3D Printing Area
icon for location marker  Fine Arts Library, Floor 3

Space with 3D printers, mills, a laser cutter, a large format printer, and a fiber arts lab with embroidery and sewing machines.

Foundry Video Wall

Video Wall
icon for location marker  Fine Arts Library, Floor 3

This state of the art video wall is intended for special projects, demonstrations, and presentations. Seating room limit of 70 chairs. To reserve contact Teri Lloyd,

Recording Studio

foundry recording studio
icon for location marker  Fine Arts Library, Floor 3

Recording studio with soundproof room.

Equipment at the Foundry

This piece of equipment is currently unavailable and/or not available for loan.

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