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Please note: The Walter Geology Library is currently closed. For information on accessing collections, please visit our continuity guide for current details.

Walter Geology Library

The Walter Geology Library serves the Jackson School of Geosciences (Department of Geological Sciences, the Bureau of Economic Geology, Institute for Geophysics) and other users of geoscience information. In addition to state funding, the Walter Geology Library benefits from several endowments maintained by the Jackson School’s Geology Foundation.

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Our Research Guides

Finding GeoScience Series

Finding Geoscience Series

Finding a specific report or issue for a series can be tricky. Some reports can be found by individual titles; other reports can only be found by series titles.

Geoscience Research Tutorials

Geoscience Research Tutorials

A collection of Research Tutorial series organized in topics that are helpful to students and faculty.

Self-Presentation in the Sciences

Self-Presentation in the Sciences

The works in this guide offer guidelines on presenting oneself–in writing and in person–as a scientist.

Featured Resources

The Geology Library Maps Collections.

The Walter Geology Library Maps Collection

The Tobin Map International Geological Collection of the Walter Geology Library consists of more than 47,000 maps and map texts arranged geographically, following the general outline of the Library of Congress G (Geography) classification schedule.

Geology Theses and Dissertations

This resource includes a listing for each master's and doctoral degree in Geology conferred at The University of Texas at Austin from 1897 to 2014. The list also includes some additional theses and dissertations done by UT students regardless of academic department that are part of the Walter Library thesis collection because they are of interest to geologists.

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