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McKinney Engineering Library

McKinney Engineering Library

The McKinney Engineering Library

The McKinney Engineering Library supports engineering education from undergraduate through doctoral, and engineering research at all levels. The Engineering Library’s collection focus is on academic materials, including those from the major engineering societies and from other scholarly publishers.

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Standards, Codes & Specifications

University Libraries subscriptions provide access to industry standards from such groups as ASTM, AASHTO, IEEE, and NFTA.

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Patents, Trademarks and Copyright

The McKinney Engineering Library is a designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center. Staff assist by pointing to intellectual property resources.


Alec, Patron Saint of University of Texas engineers, has his physical representation in the Engineering Library. Learn more here.

Technical Reports

Find technical reports through sites such as TRAIL, NTRL, and NTRS.

Find Funding Sources

This information gives sources to help in identifying funding opportunities.

Engineering Society Publications

Among our most valuable collections are publications of the engineering societies.

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