Research Data Services

Research Data Services supports university faculty, students and staff across all disciplines in the management of research data. We work with partners across campus to connect researchers with the appropriate tools, resources, and expertise for dealing with data at every stage, from the earliest planning phase, through dissemination and archiving.

Our aim is to raise awareness of good practice and services that may help university researchers save time, safeguard their data and maximize the impact of their research.

Consultations available for

Data Management Planning

We can help explain funder and publisher policies and requirements for data sharing or data management plans. We provide access to the DMPTool, an online template platform that provides general and local university guidance for navigating funder requirements. We can also meet with you to discuss and/or review your plan.

Data Organization and Curation

We can help you to understand, develop and apply strategies for organizing and curating your data from start to finish. We can also help you identify tools, resources and strategies to make this process easier and more efficient. Get in touch to schedule a consultation or request a workshop for your department or research group.

Data Sharing and Publishing

We provide advice about disseminating research data, ensuring that it is discoverable, accessible and reusable so that you can receive credit for your work. We can help you find the appropriate places to share your data openly, and help identify strategies for protecting sensitive information.

Consider depositing your data in the Texas Data Repository.

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