GIS & Geospatial Data Services

The Libraries provides geographic information system (GIS) and geospatial data services for university faculty, students and staff across all disciplines and departments. We can help ensure that you have the software, data, technical training, and other resources you might need to successfully carry out any type of geospatial research project.

Our goal is to facilitate geospatial research at the university by helping scholars overcome the technical challenges of working with geographic information in all phases of the research lifecycle.

Consultations available for:

Geospatial Data Acquisition

We can provide guidance on all types of geospatial data acquisition, whether you are searching for existing secondary geospatial data online or are looking to plan a field data collection effort to gather your own primary data. Get in touch if you are having trouble finding data or if you have questions about software, hardware or organizational techniques for collecting geospatial data in the field.

Map Design and Development

We can help you develop any type of map you might need for visualizing geospatial data and presenting the results of geospatial analyses. Whether you are designing a static map to accompany an academic article or an interactive map to incorporate into a web page, we can provide guidance on software, APIs, map layout, cartographic design and any other aspect of map design you might have questions about.

Geospatial Data Management

From advice on file formats to help with database design, we can help you develop an effective geospatial data management plan for your research project. We also offer help with the development of scripted approaches for processing large datasets and can provide assistance with data preservation and dissemination resources.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Software Assistance

With expertise in all major GIS software applications, we are able to provide technical assistance with all types of geospatial analysis and geoprocessing. Contact us to set up a consultation if you have questions about software selection, data analysis techniques, or the overall process of incorporating GIS software into your research methodology.


Alex Marden

GIS and Geospatial Data Coordinator
(512) 495-4150