Exhibit: Walls That Speak – Street Art and Activism in Chile

Event Status
Exhibit poster. Title over stencil of military person holding rifle

Walls That Speak: Street Art and Activism in Chile, a fall 2023 exhibition at the Benson Latin American Collection, highlights a recent acquisition of Pikoenelojo Stencil’s work, showcasing 12 original stencil artworks crafted by this prominent Chilean street artist. The works address topics such as criticism of Piñera’s policies, privatization, international corporations, the Pinochet dictatorship, systemic police repression, criticism of Christian dogma, among other topics. The collection provides a powerful visual narrative of the violent events that occurred in October 2019 while shedding light on the enduring legacy of Chile’s painful dictatorial past.  

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LOCATION: Benson Latin American Collection

Date and Time
Aug. 30, 2023 to Jan. 14, 2024, All Day
Benson Latin American Collection