University of Texas Libraries Signage Policy

Purpose: To provide guidelines for cohesive, professional public-facing signage for the UTL Libraries. This policy applies to all signage placed in common areas of the libraries that can be viewed by nonlibrary staff members.  

Definitions: For the purpose of this policy  

Signage – Visual communication intended to promote library events, programs, policies, services, spaces or provide direction.  

Digital Signage – Creative images, both text and pictures, that appear on TV monitors within the UT Libraries.  

Outside Group - Any person or group that is not part of the UT Libraries.  


  • All signage, temporary or permanent, needs to be appropriately branded and be cohesive with existing signage. 

  • All temporary and permanent signage must adhere to best practices, which includes: 

  • Be friendly (limit or eliminate the use of “no”, “do not”, “restricted”, etc.) 

  • Embrace simplicity 

  • Mounting/Placement 

  • Do not tape signage up 

  • Use of frames is acceptable 

  • Plexiglass holders (wall or tabletop) may be used 

  • Easels are acceptable 

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance 

  • Per ADA, signs must have a high contrast ratio (strongly contrasting colors between the content and the background) as well as a non-glare finish.  

  • The amount of signage should be minimal to avoid clutter 

  • Avoid using jargon 

  • Refrain from using clipart or photos within the signage unless produced by UTL and/or approved through the AUXC Team 

  • No handwritten signs 

  • Signage should be placed at eye level when possible; be mindful of sightlines and walkways  

Special Event and Promotional Signage:  

Special event and promotional signage within the libraries may be placed in high traffic areas or temporarily in the planned event space. Signage should adhere to all policy guidelines and should be removed in a timely manner by the primary organizer of the event.  

Digital Signage:  

Digital signage standards are similar to those of print signage. Due to the nature of digital signage, the design used should be clear, concise, and brand consistent but may use artwork or photography. UTL digital signage will be developed and approved through the same process as print signage. Requests made by external UT departments, organizations, or colleges should be submitted to the AUXC Team to ensure the content is compliant with branding standards or to acquire additional approvals as needed.  

Additional Signage: flyers or communications inside/on/around the libraries by outside groups  

UT Libraries does not permit posting of signs or the placement of flyers inside, on, or around the libraries without the permission of the Manager of Facilities. Allowance of placement of signage and/or flyers by an outside group may be allowed within the following parameters: 

  • Special event communication from a CSU that meets all UT branding guidelines may be placed with the approval of the Manager of Facilities. That signage should be removed when the event is completed. 

  • Campus wide initiatives (e.g. Healthy Horns, Walk Safe) created to educate and/or inspire action by the student community may be placed with the approval of the Manager of Facilities. 

Approval Process for Signage:  

All requests for temporary or permanent signage should be made to the AUXC Team. Not all issues are best addressed through signage, therefore not all requests will be accommodated. The AUXC Team may defer the request to the Manager of Facilities for final approval if necessary.