Foundry Reservation Policy


The Foundry, a service and space of the University of Texas Libraries (Libraries), is primarily intended to be a teaching and learning space for UT students, faculty and staff.  Requests for use of the space by non-Libraries groups and departments will be considered if they do not interfere with the mission of The Foundry.  When not in use as a teaching space The Foundry is open to anyone as a collaborative study and workspace.

Food and drink

Food and drink are not allowed in The Foundry unless otherwise approved.


Requests to use The Foundry for teaching activities should be made at least three weeks in advance of the event. Requests need to be approved prior to using the space for teaching activities. Generally, staff meetings and trainings will not be held in The Foundry unless the training is specifically related to the Foundry. The Foundry supports small format course related instruction and workshops/non-course related instruction activities. Expectations for academic use of the space are outlined on The Foundry website, and will be updated on an as-needed basis.


Visitors can walk through the space and observe teaching activities, so long as they do not join or interrupt the teaching activity.


Requests for events will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Priority will be given to academic (lectures, symposia) or promotional (fundraising) events that advance the mission of the Libraries and The Foundry. CAET will receive priority use of The Foundry if there are multiple, simultaneous requests for use of the space. Requests are considered in light of time of the semester and number of existing reservations.

The Libraries requires at least 8 weeks advance notice when requesting to use the space for a special event that requires furniture set-up, publicity, and custodial services. Faculty or their designates, centers, colleges, and departments requesting to use The Foundry for a special event will assume responsibility for set-up, coordination of custodial services, furniture, catering, and entertainment for their event. The Libraries can provide campus contacts to facilitate event planning. A library representative will need to be present to unlock and/or lock facilities if the event begins before or after normal operating hours, and will be present in the facility during the event.

Technical Support

Audiovisual and Public Address System (PA) requirements should be noted during the class/workshop/event reservation process. Technical support may not be available evenings and weekends. 


Supply needs should be addressed during the event/class/workshop reservation and planning period. In some instances, The Foundry will provide necessary supplies.  In other instances, the cost of supplies will need to be covered by the sponsoring entity. For the majority of classes and workshops, Foundry staff will order materials and supplies from approved vendors.


The Libraries requires that Libraries branding be included on all event flyers, digital handouts, and promotional material. Libraries staff will coordinate branding efforts with the sponsoring entity. Workshops held in The Foundry will be branded as Workshops @ The Foundry.


All users must adhere to publicized policies when using The Foundry.