Computer, Software and Network Use Policy

The University of Texas Libraries makes computers, software and network resources available to students, faculty, staff and official visitors to provide access to library collections, other information resources and production software to support learning and research. The intent of this policy is to ensure that facilities and resources are used most effectively to benefit the greatest number of academic users. Users may not be paid for or otherwise profit from the use of any university-provided computing, software or network resource or from output produced from such use.

Usage must be in accordance with The University of Texas at Austin Information Resources Use and Security Policy, other policies of the university and The University of Texas System, and state and federal law. Users who are in violation of these policies may be subject to penalties for infractions, including but not limited to verbal warnings and the loss of the use of library computers, software and network resources.

Academics First:

Academic activities take priority over non-academic activities.


The University of Texas Libraries makes a number of software programs available to support research and learning. In addition to providing access to and maintaining the infrastructure for software, Libraries staff assist with basic software information needs by helping users locate technical documentation, instructional videos, or IT forums that assist in identifying answers to specific questions. More in-depth technical support is available through the university’s LinkedIn Learning subscription and IT support provided by the software company.

User Authentication:

User authentication is required to access all Libraries computers and network resources. Current university students, faculty, staff, official visitors, special borrowers, and courtesy borrowers may use their individually-assigned UT EIDs to access computers, software and network resources. Other users with questions about access to licensed electronic resources should ask for assistance at a Libraries service desk. Users must present a valid, government-issued photo ID to request access to licensed electronic resources. With the exception of university students, faculty and staff, users may log on once per day for up to one hour.

Priority Users:

  • University students, faculty and staff are priority users of library computers, software and networks. 
  • Computers, software and networks may be restricted to priority users.
  • Other users may be asked to relinquish computers and/or discontinue network access at the discretion of library staff.

Wireless Network:

University students, faculty and staff may access the university wireless network using their EID. Other users may access the utguest Wi-Fi.