Libraries Launch Unified Search for Website

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The University of Texas Libraries announces the launch of the new unified search feature for the Libraries’ website, making it possible to explore the spectrum of library resources within a single search.

The unified search will eliminate the need for users to limit results to a single source option, making the discovery experience more intuitive and less complicated for users unfamiliar with the differences between resources.

It replaces the current set of drop-down options with a comprehensive search of articles, the library catalog, journals, databases, LibGuides and the website itself. Search results are presented on a single page with resources separated by format type, which helps users distinguish between them.

The new search also incorporates results from the website, making it possible for users to get answers to questions about library services (“how do I renew a book?”, “how do I reserve a room?”) from the main query mechanism for the site.

The addition of the unified search follows a comprehensive refresh of the Libraries’ website with a goal of making the site cleaner, faster and easier to use. The redesigned site was launched at the beginning of this year with a new look, new architecture, less bloat and easier navigation.

The final phase of the website refresh project will conclude this fall, but the site will continue to evolve in response to new needs and the development of new web applications. 

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