Latinx LGBTQ Collection

The Latinx LGBTQ Collection is a virtual resource to help researchers locate resources at the University of Texas Libraries that intersect LGBTQ studies with Latinx populations. The collection uses a virt designation added by UT Libraries catalogers to individual records. This means that you’ll see “Latinx LGBTQ Collection” listed as a “Local Note” in records included in the collection. This local note field, MARC field 590, has been used by the Libraries to designate other virtual collections including gifts to the library and the Black Queer Studies Collection. The Latinx LGBTQ Collection note is being added to and improves access to records in the UT Libraries Catalog for materials by and about Latinx LGBTQ people; the collection includes works in the circulating and archival collections and multiple formats. The collection was made in response to how difficult it is to find LGBTQ materials about communities of color. This is because Library of Congress subject headings and institutional cataloging in the past has not been neutral or has lacked contextualization, thereby obscuring the accessability of these texts. 

The hope is that with the local note, scholars are able to find these materials faster and can use them for their own research and for the creation of other bibliographies. 

The foundation for this list was made possible by a 2015 bibliography compiled by the American Library Association's GLBTRT Resources Committee. Since then, new additions are selected each semester and the collection will continue to grow. The amount of resources currently exceeds 350. 

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Daniel Arbino