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University of Texas Libraries
Celebrating the Life


The University of Texas Libraries, as a research library of the first tier, advances teaching, learning and research excellence by providing expansive collections and innovative services to support critical inquiry and knowledge creation for the benefit of society.


The University of Texas Libraries will be the preeminent public university library, facilitating information discovery, creativity, and innovation to advance research and the pursuit of critical thinking to transform lives and change the world.


Collaboration - We build strong and meaningful partnerships on campus and beyond.

Customer Focus - We ensure a unique, effective and connected user experience shaped by client needs and expectations.

Diversity - We value the uniqueness of our staff and clients and their varied ideas and perspectives.

Expertise - We are defined by our deep and specialized knowledge and experience.

Innovation - We embrace creativity and flexibility to drive the cutting edge of knowledge and technology.

Professionalism - We work in a way that respects the needs of staff and clients and reflects well on the organization.