2010 Recipients of the Harold W. Billings Staff Honors Award

Fall 2010

  • Dave Gilson, LA III, PMA (Physics, Math, Astronomy) Library
  • Eve McQuade, Development Associate, Vice Provost Office
  • Ishtiak Rahman, Senior Student Associate, PCL Reference and Information Services
  • Minnie Rangel, Software Developer, Library Systems
  • Audrey Templeton, Software Developer, DLS (Digital Library Services)
  • Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, GRA, Library Instruction Services

Summer 2010

  • Rene Alderete, formerly Student Assistant, Benson Latin American Collection
  • Karen Ehalt, formerly Library Assistant 2, Acquisitions
  • Calla Smith-Dowling, Library Assistant 3, Geology Library
  • Michael Ackermann, Senior Systems Administrator, Library Systems
  • Evan Soward, Systems Administrator 2, Library Systems
  • Ladd Hanson, Senior IT Manager, Library Systems

Spring 2010

  • Mark Doroba, Library Assistant 2, Fine Arts Library
  • Kristen Hogan, Graduate Research Assistant, Reference and Information Services
  • Mindy Johnston, Library Assistant 3, Fine Arts Library
  • Sydney Kilgore, Technical Staff Assistant III, Fine Arts Library
  • Craig Schroer, Electronic Information Service Librarian, Benson Latin American Collection
  • Travis Willmann, Communications Officer, Office of the Vice Provost

Special Award to the Founding Members of the PCL Green Team

When the founding members of the PCL Green Team were nominated for a Harold W. Billings Staff Award, members of the selection committee realized that something a little different was in order. Since the founding Green Team had more members than would be eligible for a group HWB Award, the selection group recommended a special award.  We were pleased to receive support for this idea whenever it was mentioned and on May 11, 2010, our Vice Provost and Library Director, Dr. Fred Heath, announced special recognition for the Green Team founders to honor their good work.

From the nomination text:  "The Green Team….is a group of volunteers from across PCL who have instituted a….plastic and aluminum recycling program in the building.  Staff in PCL have been waiting for years for UT to institute a broader recycling program while watching things that could’ve been recycled end up in the trash cans around PCL. This group decided to do something about it and initiated a program internally.  This is heavy, messy work – anything but glamorous – but their commitment to the Libraries and the environment keep these staff members going.  The Green Team’s work is one way the Libraries exhibits our values to the UT community, generates good will among students by giving them recycling options in a busy building, and contributes immensely to the libraries as place.  They should be commended for their work."

  • Peggy Mueller
  • Steve McGuire
  • Dan Barrera
  • Alonso A De Araya
  • Norma Devries
  • Meghan Sitar
  • Cindy Fisher
  • Carla Darocy
  • Zhi Liu
  • Carolyn Cunningham
  • Sean O’Bryan
  • Margaret Carneiro
  • Jonathan Wynn
  • Susan Hallgren
  • Kim Wallace, and
  • Meg Kemp

Winter 2010

  • Heidi Ascue, Library Assistant 2, Cataloging and Metadata Services
  • Janeice Connors, Library Assistant 2, Circulation Services
  • Mark Corry, Senior Operating Systems Specialist, Desktop Support
  • Alex Marshall, Library Assistant 2, Circulation Services
  • Abigail Elizabeth Rink, Student Worker, Current Periodicals
  • Elizabeth Roberts, Graduate Research Assistant, Current Periodicals