2006 Recipients of the Harold W. Billings Staff Honors Award

Winter 2006
Meredith Ault, Digital Library Services
Kathleen Hartman, Interlibrary Services
Dave Gilson, Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library
Holly Fisher, Fine Arts Library
Bob Wolfkill, Gifts Unit
Jonathan Youssefnia, Interlibrary Services

Fall 2006
Jeffrey S Dimpsey, Digital Library Services
Amy Baker, Digital Library Services
Rue Ramirez, Digital Library Services
Jee-hyun Davis, Technical Services
Janelle Hedstrom, Public Services
Jim Peoples, Technical Services

Summer 2006

Automated Cataloging Team
Patricia Hartunian
Sue McClintock
Sean O’Bryan

Gray Garmon, Architecture and Planning
Kelly Kerbow-Hudson, BLAC

Spring 2006
Lisa Aguilar, Research Services
Diana Chairez, Interlibrary Service
Susan Hallgren, Automated Cataloging
Harlin Hanson, Digital Library Services
Hilda Ramos, Alexander Architectural Archive
Hillary Spiller, Digital Library Services