2013 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Library Excellence Awards are given to professional librarians and classified staff in the University of Texas Libraries who have made extraordinary contributions.

Margaret Alvarado: Margaret’s nominations all recognize her for her excellent customer service ethic, her innovative ideas, and her genuine care and concern for her staff as well as for all the library’s employees and  patrons.  Just a few of the projects that Margaret initiated were the Therapy dog finals study break for students, the moving of the children’s literature reserves to open stacks to make them more accessible to students, and  the food for fines program.

Margaret’s colleagues have a lot of great things to say about her and here are just a few of those things:  “Margaret always looks for a way to say yes.  I contact her frequently when helping patrons over chat or at the Research Help Desk and no matter what the question, she always finds a way to help the patron.”

“Margaret not only excels at her work but she does it all with humor, making working with her not just productive but also fun.  She builds camaraderie with her colleagues and has done an immense amount to make the culture of PCL Circulation very user focused.” “Leading by example, Margaret has added a new dimension to the work of Circulation Services and integrated her staff into the outreach and instruction missions of the Libraries.”

Sean O'Bryan: Sean is dedicated, diligent, efficient, always professional, and hard working in the extreme. He routinely goes above and beyond his regular responsibilities to make the library a better place.  Sean’s responsibilities in Gifts can be mundane and unexciting, but whether it’s carrying heavy boxes through bathrooms reserved for the donor’s pets or climbing up and down ladders suspended from the ceiling, Sean goes above and beyond in order to foster important relationships with donors and potential donors. His work load is constant and never ending but Sean’s energy and positive attitude always shine through in all of our interactions.  Sean also continues to work outside of Gifts on other important areas that effect the future of the UT Libraries. Though many are unaware of it, Sean continues to play a role supporting Millennium and working with Ja-Nice Woolaver in the Bibliographic Database Management unit on load profiles and data mapping. Sean also stepped up to serve on the newly formed Collections Council.  His work coordinating with bibliographers across the library to assess gifts positions him well for this role.  Serving on the inaugural council is no small commitment as it is involves contributing to formation of the foundational policies and procedures that will shape collection development for our library. Sean is the poster-boy for someone who has come up through the ranks with hard work, dedication and initiative, and he is a leader among our younger generation of librarians.

David Roberts: David works quickly and quietly behind the scenes to determine how things work, how things could work better, and moves things forward from there to introduce positive changes for patrons and staff alike.  He does this through awe-inspiring technical skills, the ability to work with everyone, and caring about the fundamental goals of the library.  David is always available to answer the tricky questions that perplex the rest of us and even when he is engrossed in solving a difficult problem of his own, he's always happy to stop and work with others to help solve the problems they are having.