2008 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Janelle Hedstrom, Education Librarian, Reference and Information Services
Janelle’s nomination recognizes the substantial impact she has had on both the users she serves and the University of Texas Libraries. In her role as Education Librarian, she has gone above and beyond the call of duty in providing flexible, skillful, and patient support to the School of Education while accommodating the research and teaching needs of one of the largest graduate student populations at the University. She shined in her role as the co-chair for the OPAC Committee during the Millennium implementation. One nominator described her energetic and diplomatic leadership, writing "Janelle always brings a user-centered approach to solving service problems and is willing to back up her ideas with the hard work necessary to implement them." Another nominator gave words to a sentiment that is evident in all of her nominations: "I have worked with Janelle since she began as a librarian and have continually been impressed with her dedication to user service, thoughtful approach to her work, energy and vision for new projects, and ability to work with others to accomplish a common goal."

Kristin Walker, Lending Services Supervisor, Interlibrary Services
Kristin’s contribution is two-fold. On the one hand, her efficient and meticulous management is seen by many. But on the other hand, only those familiar with the library, especially Interlibrary Services, can fully appreciate her effort. Across the library spectrum, the prestige of the OCLC symbol "IXAÚ is enhanced by her dedication. Fulfilling the daily requests of libraries, corporations, and individuals has earned the University of Texas Libraries a certain respect as the lender of first, or last, resort. Behind the scenes, Kristin and her staff meet those demands. And it is here that her true talent lies. In the dynamic environment of student workers, she has trained an integrated team that maintains a high level of production. Amid the vagaries of schedules, semester turnover rates, and unrelenting workflow, Kristin keeps morale high and problems to a minimum.

Craig Schroer, Electronic Information Services Librarian, Benson Latin American Collection
Craig’s nomination is acknowledgement that he is unfaltering in his ability to juggle numerous projects and duties, all the while maintaining a positive attitude that inspires his colleagues. Among his accomplishments, Craig is involved in many areas of library service, including reference, the Benson web site, technical support, web harvesting, numerous library committees, and the Google Books project. One nominator describes Craig’s performance as "productive. professional. generous. collegial. diligent." With regards to his work on the Google Books project in particular, one nominator commented, "Craig has shown his mettle through his hard work and organizational skills, his great collegiality, energy, and motivation." Craig’s positive attitude and dedication are admired by his peers and his staff. Another nominator stated, "We are blessed with an exceptional, amiable colleague."