2002 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Nancy Paine

Paine is head of General Libraries Interlibrary Services- "a major service unit that handles not only the lending and borrowing responsibilities that libraries have long known, but utilizes modern tools from telephone facsimile transmission to computer-based systems to provide the very best contest delivery services," Billings explains.

"Nancy also oversees several new programs, a 'Documents Sharing' program that facilitates information delivery to the other UT System and selected Texas Libraries, a 'Document Express' service that retrieves specific articles and delivers them by the fastest means possible to library patrons on request (for a fee), and a service that provides remote electronic access to information that has been sought by a scholar," Billings adds.

Paine is recognized as a leader in the field and chairs interlibrary service committees and taskforces of the UT System, TexShare and the Greater Western Library Alliance cooperative organizations.

Paul Rascoe

Rascoe is Head Librarian, Government Documents Collection - but that is only the beginning, according to Billings. "Paul has been one of our Web pioneers. He early on brought his own computer to work to help determine how the new technologies might assist our everyday tasks. Once access to the Web became available, he pioneered the development of content databases that could be useful to campus scholars as well as users beyond."

The most spectacular of these services, Billings describes, has been the creation of the "PCL Map Collection," an archive of digitized maps that has received international use and plaudits. We may have 10 million or more visits a month to this web site. But this is only a sideline for Paul and his staff, who provide exemplary collection control, processing and public service to the General Libraries Documents Collection. When there are not document duties to perform, Paul's group is busy adding to the digital map collection. Paul makes management seem easy and work in his area, staffed chiefly by students, is fun"

Rascoe is also a key member of the Main Library Services Division, highly regarded for his reference and information skills. "Paul is a regular globe-trotter - by foot, plane and train," Billings says. "As a traveler to every spot reachable on the globe, I presume it's only natural that he has such a great affinity for maps."