1991 Recipients of the Library Excellence Award

Ralph Elder and Ana Salinas

Ralph Elder
Head of public services in the Baker Texas History Center

His "outstanding knowledge of the Center's holdings, patience and good humor, have established for him a reputation as one of the library's very best at helping library users of every sort," according to Billings.

Elder began work at the Barker Center as a clerical assistant in 1967, and subsequently served as assistant archivist, head of the Archives/Manuscripts Processing Unit, and head of the Public Services Unit since 1980. He holds a BA in political science and a master's degree in library science from UT Austin.

Ana Salinas

Salinas is a member of the Cataloging Department of the General Libraries, and serves as coordinator of the National Coordinated cataloging operations (NACO) and National Coordinated Program NCCP) projects, with special emphasis on Latin American cataloging. She is one of a small group of specialists who have bee invited to attend a forthcoming national conference to help set future directions in national cataloging policy and practice, according to Billings, who says her colleagues describe her a "amazing, an invaluable resource - Chiefly responsible for our library's high rating among national cataloging program participants."

She holds a BA in English and MLS from UT Austin. Salinas began work in the UT Library in 1963, and has also served in the St Louis University Library.