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A Guide to the Jean Van Heijenoort Papers, 1946-1988

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Van Heijenoort, Jean, 1912-
Title: Jean Van Heijenoort Papers,
Dates: 1946-1988
Abstract: Collection documents the career of Jean van Heijenoort (1912-1986) in mathematical logic and its history.
Extent: 16 ft. manuscript, typescript, printed.
Languages: Materials are written in English and French.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Jean van Heijenoort was born in Creil, France, on July 13, 1912. He was educated at the Lycée St. Louis in Paris. From 1932 to 1939, he served as Leon Trotsky's personal secretary. Van Heijenoort left Trotsky in 1939 and came to the United States, where his interests turned to mathematical logic. He received his Ph.D. from New York University in 1949, and taught in the New York University Mathematics Department until 1965, when he moved to the Department of Philosophy and the History of Ideas at Brandeis University, becoming Professor Emeritus in 1977. He died in Mexico City on March 28, 1986.

Van Heijenoort is best-known for his work in the history of logic; he was the editor of From Frege to Gödel: A Source Book in Mathematical Logic, 1879-1931 (1967). He was also the author of several non-historical works in mathematical logic. Some of this work appeared in his Selected Essays (1985), but most remains unpublished. His experiences with Trotsky are recounted in his With Trotsky in Exile: From Prinkipo to Coyoacán (1978).

Source:"Jean van Heijenoort, Former Trotsky Aide," New York Times, April 11, 1986

Scope and Contents

The Jean van Heijenoort Papers consist of two parts: (1) papers transferred to the Archives of American Mathematics after his death, (2) records of the preparation of From Frege to Gödel (donated by Professor van Heijenoort in 1981). The posthumous donation consists of his writings (including his thesis and dissertation, reprints, texts of lectures, unpublished works, and some letters) (1946-1982; 8 in.), correspondence (1956-1983; 1 in.), research notes and unfinished work (3.5 ft.), and a collection of writings of others (including reprints, preprints, duplicated lecture notes, etc.) (7 ft.). The records of From Frege to Gödel consist of correspondence (1953-1976) together with associated manuscript material (8 in.), and a collection of reprints, preprints, etc. (7 ft.). Correspondents include A. Church, B. Dreben, Kurt Gödel, S. C. Kleene, R. Martin, C. D. Parsons, W. V. Quine, and H. Wang.

Papers relating to van Heijenoort (1974-1988; 3 in.) donated by his doctoral student, Dr. Irving H. Anellis, include correspondence with, and concerning, van Heijenoort, notes of his courses, and Dr. Anellis' writings about van Heijenoort.



Organized into six series:
Writings of Jean Van Heijenoort
Work [Research notes, unfinished work]
Writings of others [reprints, preprints, duplicated lecture notes, etc.]
From Frege to Gödel
  • Correspondence
  • Writings of others
Material donated by Irving H. Anellis


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Van Heijenoort, Jean
Logic, Symbolic and mathematical
Logic, Symbolic and mathematical - history

Related Material

Material related to van Heijenoort's years (1932-1939) as personal secretary to Leon Trotsky is at the Houghton Library at Harvard University.

Records of his editing of the Collected Works of Kurt Gödel (with Solomon Feferman and others, 1985) are at Stanford University.

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Jean Van Heijenoort Papers, 1946-1988, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Writings of Jean van Heijenoort:

94-127/1 On the correspondence between E. Cartan's method and the vector method in differential geometry, 1946
On locally convex surfaces, 1949
On locally convex manifolds, 1952
Topology, 1955
On the calculation of the asymptotic value of a sum of exponentials, 1956
On the determination of coefficients in a sum of exponentials, 1957
Draft of a letter to Nagel (not sent), 1962
Points and tensors, 1963
Brouwer, 1963
Mathematics, Logical structure of, 1963
Set theory, 1963
Logic, 1965
Conversation with de Jongh, Sept. 9, 1965
Logic, 1966
Interpretations, satisfiability, validity, 1966
The set-theoretic approach to logic, 1966
The subformula approach to logic, 1966
Report on Schagrin, December 8, 1966
Gödel's theorem, 1967
Logical paradoxes, 1967
From Frege to Gödel, 1967
Logic as calculus and logic as language (abstract), 1967
Logic as calculus and logic as language, 1967
Note on Herbrand, January 28, 1967
Report on Stoliar, July 15, 1967
Préface àHerbrand, Ecrits logiques, 1968
La logique comme calcul et la logique comme langage, 1968
Un procédé de démonstration en calcul des predicats, January 15, 1968
Finitisme et infinitisme en logique, January 18, 1968
Report on Kuyk, June 20, 1968
Note, October 31, 1968
On the relation between the falsifiability tree method and the Herbrand method in quantification theory, November 20, 1968
Frege and Gädel, 1970
Notes on the tree method, October 15, 1971
Notes on logic, October 15, 1971
Notes on logic, November 1, 1971
Review of Szabo, 1972
Herbrand, 1972
Proof of the completeness of the method of Beth tableaux for intuitionistic quantification theory, 1972
Proof of the completeness of the method of Beth tableaux, March 1, 1972
94-127/2 Falsifiability trees, March 15, 1972
The tree method for intuitionistic quantification theory, March 18, 1972
The tableaux method for Grzegorczyk quantification theory, March 18, 1972
The tree method for intuitionistic quantification theory, March 19, 1972
The falsifiability-tree method for the simple theory of types with extensionality, July 23, 1972
Comparison between the falsifiability-tree method and the Gentzen system, May 3, 1973
A nonnormalizable system, June 8, 1973
Soundness and completeness of the falsifiability-tree method for sentential logic, September 23, 1973
Subject and predicate in Western logic, 1974
Historical development of modern logic, 1974
Review of Chihara, 1974
Falsifiability trees, 30 September, 1974
Monadic translation of sentential modal logic, October 31, 1974
The tree method for sentential modal logics, November 3, 1974
Translation of modal quantification theory into nonmodal quantification theory, November 15, 1974
On the number of planets, November 24, 1974
The tree method for intuitionistic quantification theory, May 9, 1975
Notes on logic, 1975
The falsifiability-tree method for sentential intuitionistic logic, May 15, 1975
Herbrand, May 18, 1975
Sense in Frege, Clermont-Ferrand, July 24, 1975
Falsifiability trees, September 30, 1975
Translation of modal quantification theory into classical second-order logic, November 20, 1975
Correspondence with Prawitz, 1975-1976
The Herbrand approach to predicate logic, 1976
Proof of the `semantic' Herbrand theorem, 1976
Herbrand expansions and Herbrand disjunctions, 1976
Should John be like every man? 1976
John and every man, 1976
Axiomatization and formalization, 1976
El desarrollo de la teoría de la Cuantificatión, 1976
Set-theoretic semantics, July, 1976
Méthode des arbres de falsifiabilité pour les logiques modales propositionnelles, November 20, 1976
Gödel, 1977
Hilbert, 1977
Monadic translation of sentential modal logic, February 12, 1977
Modèles pour les logiques modales quantifiées, March 13, 1977
Frege on sense identity, 1977
Sense in Frege, 1977
Letter to Anne Fagot, December 27, 1978
Introduction àla sémantique des logiques non-classiques, 1979
Introduction àla sémantique des logiques non-classiques, March, 1979
Absolutism and relativism in logic, 1979
Absolutismo y relativismo en lógica, 1979
Absolutismo y relativismo en lógica, 1979
Ostension and vagueness, June 13, 1979
Rapport concernant M. Philippe de Rouilhan, March 6, 1980
Rapport concernant M. de Rouilhan, March 12, 1980
Letter to de Rouilhan, March 24, 1980
Letter to Dreben, November 5, 1980
On Herbrand's systems, November 29, 1980
94-127/3 Letter to Suzanne Bachelard, February 27, 1981
Letter to de Rouilhan, February 27, 1981
Letter to de Rouilhan, April 28, 1981
L'oeuvre logique de Jacques Herbrand et son contexte historique, 1981
Letter to Quine, November 13, 1981
Frege on vague predicates, February 11, 1982
Letter to Dale M. Johnson, April 5, 1982
Report on Orlowska, June 14, 1982
Identity, October 12, 1982



94-127/3 Brunschwig
Church, A.
Corcoran, J.
Craig, W.
de Rouilhan, P.
Dreben, B.
Engel, P. (with manuscript)
Feferman, S.
Fraissé, R.
Goldfarb, W. D.
Hintikka, J.
Prawitz, D.
Zaslawsky, D.



[Research notes, unfinished work]
94-127/4 Ontology and logic
Pensée pure et langage
Is a non-classical logic necessary to mathematics?
Talk on Herbrand, 1982
Symbols, language
Natural deduction
Logical form
Non-classical logics
Logic problems
Logic - notes
Logic - quotations
Non-classical logics - miscellaneous
Sense in Frege
Frege misunderstood
Post-Gödelian systems
Non-classical logics - papers
Review of Chihara
Logic and psychology
Notebooks, small
Foundations of geometry
Simple theory of types
Herbrand (materials)
Herbrand - Kreisel on Herbrand
Herbrand, non-classical
94-127/5 Herbrand
Set-theoretic semantics
On the completeness of first-order logic
On the Frege-Russell definition of number
Nature of mathematics
Higher-order calculi
Turing machines
Foundations of mathematics, Arithmetic and Gödel's theorem
One-valued logics
On narrative discourse
Theory of logic
Recursive functions (definition of)
The number system
Axiomatization of number theory
Theorem-proving by machine
Foundations of mathematics
Independence proofs
Axiom of infinity
94-127/6 Consistency
Infinite proofs
Categoricalness, Proof of (and discussion)
Formalization of a theory
Finite (definition of)
Formalization of number theory
Formal semantic
The axiomatic method
On the notion of recursive function
Set theory
Recursive function theory
Recursive definitions
A survey of logic, The subformula approach to logic
Conventionalism - logical
Conventionalism, Poincaré and Reichenbach
Descriptive set theory
Craig's lemma
Type theory
Contra Lemmon
Conventionalism - Arithmetical
Conventionalism - Geometrical
Prenex forms
Philosophy of logic
Category theory
Philo lectures
Logic, Indian
[unlabeled, notes on logic literature]
On Gödel's theorem
La petite plante
Subject and predicate
Algebraic logic
Theory of descriptions
Combinatory logic
Notes (Philosophy)
Ex falso sequitur quodlibet
Infinitary languages
Beth's error
Misc. notes - Logic
Misc. notes on logic
Philosophy of logic
Received from J. D., October 12, 1982
Alphabetical order
Neat numbers
Logic, Nature of
A survey of logic, miscellaneous notes
94-127/7 Moore
Hintikka, 1975
Hintikka, 1957
Hintikka and Rantala
Vagueness, Incomplete entities
Du vague (copy)
Frege and vagueness (copy)
Frege and vagueness - materials
Frege and vagueness
Ostension and vagueness
Du vague - Lecture in French
Vagueness - Notes courant
Vagueness - Notes
Vagueness - Sea battle
Frege and vagueness, August 23, 1982
Frege on vague predicates
Intuitionism and vagueness
Leibniz, Dedekind, Frege
Noise and vagueness
Probability, information theory
Realism and bivalence
Undecidability and vagueness
Notes diverses
Substitutional quantification
Frege's Farbung
A fashionable quotation
Notes philosophiques
Frege's universe
Frege - Über das Trägheitsgesetz
Kreisel, Review of Brouwer's Cambridge lectures, 1982
Parikh, 1977
Parikh, 1981
Putnam, 1982
Quine, Facts of the matter, 1977
Quine, 1980
94-127/8 Russell, Vagueness, 1923
Van Dalen, 1978
Brouwer, Cambridge lectures
Troelstra, Choice sequences
Category theory
Fourman and Scott
Notes politiques
de Rouilhan
Notes to be classified - Logic, 1 of 2
94-127/9 Notes to be classified - Logic, 2 of 2


Writings of others:

[reprints, preprints, duplicated lecture notes, etc.]
94-127/9 "Papers"
[folder of unsorted papers]
A - Blom
94-127/10 Bloom-Diller
94-127/11 Dreben-Girard
94-127/12 Girard-Hermes
94-127/13 Hermes-Kandel
94-127/14 Kaplan-Malament
94-127/15 Marchaisse-Prawitz
94-127/16 Prawitz-Schank
94-127/17 Scaltsas-Smith
94-127/18 Smith-Zucker


From Frege to Gödel:

94-127/19 Correspondence:
["M" indicates presence of manuscript(s) in addition to letters. "*" indicates no letters to or from van Heijenoort.]
Ackerman, Hans Richard
Ackerman, Wilhelm
Artin, Emil
Bernays, Paul
to Dreben, B.
to Goldfarb
Beth, E. W.
Cassina, U.
Church, A. [M]
Corcoran, John
Curry, Haskell B.
Dawson, John W., Jr., 1982-1986
De Jongh
*Dedekind, Richard [M]
to H. Keferstein
Dreben, Burton [M]
to Bernays, P.
Gödel, K. (with reply)
Hailperin, T. (with reply)
Mints, G. E.
Schutte, K.
*Fenstad, Jens Erik
to Savitt, S.
Finsler, P.
Follesdal, Dagfinn
Fraenkel, Abraham A.
Gilmore, Paul
*Girard, Jean-Yves [M]
Gödel, Kurt
to Davis, M.
Quine, W. V.
Goodstein, R. L.
94-127/20 *Herbrand, Documents ENS
[photocopies of letters and documents circa 1931. Includes letters of E. Artin, J. Herbrand, and E. Noether]
Hermes, Hans
Heyting, A.
Isles, David
*Keferstein, H. [M]
to Dedekind
Kleene, S. C. [M]
to Dreben, B.
Koerner, S.
Kolmogorov, A. H.
Leaf, Michelina
Martin, Roger [M]
Martin-Loef, Per
Moschovakis, Yiannis N.
Nagel, Ernst
Parsons, Charles D.
correspondence with G. Kreisel
Patzig, Guenther
to Dreben, B.
correspondence of van H. with J. Sprute
Quine, W. V.
to Elder, J. (Harvard Univ. Press)
Gödel, K.
Granger, M.
Correspondence of Quine and van H. with J. C. Thiel
Raggio, A.
Russell, Bertrand
to Frege
Scanlon, T.
*Scott, Dana S.
to B. Dreben/H. Wang
Skolem, Th. [M]
D. Follesdal to van H.
V. F. Rickey to van H.
Tarski, Alfred
van Heijenoort, J. On Herbrand's Systems, 1980
Vesley, Richard E.
Wang, Hao [M]
to Dreben, B.
Weil, A.
Wiener, Norbert
Wilder, Raymond L.
Writings of others:
94-127/21 A - Beth (Includes correspondence with P. B. Andrews)
94-127/22 Biardeau - Church
94-127/23 Cohen - Culmer
94-127/24 Cummins - Feferman
94-127/25 Feferman - Gergonne
94-127/26 Giannattasio - Guillaume
94-127/27 H
94-127/28 I
94-127/29 J - L
94-127/30 M - O
94-127/31 P - Q
94-127/32 R - Scott
94-127/33 Se - Szabo
94-127/34 T - V
94-127/35 W - Z, and unidentified


Material donated by Irving H. Anellis:

94-127/36 Item list by Irving H. Anellis; Correspondence with van Heijenoort; Manuscripts by van Heijenoort; Newspaper clippings
Correspondence and notes concerning van Heijenoort; Jean van Heijenoort, his life and contributions to logic, by Irving H. Anellis
Writings about van Heijenoort by Dr. Anellis
List of van Heijenoort's courses; Examinations; Course notes: Logic and ontology, Theories of quantification, Intermediate logic
Course notes: Advanced topics in logic: Frege, Foundations of mathematics