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Articles reporting research results, reviews of the research (review articles) and book reviews

Current events and general interest articles Articles about a certain business or industry
Purpose To share research and scholarship with the academic community To inform, entertain or elicit an emotional response To inform people in a business or industry about relevant news, trends, and products
Author Scholars / researchers Staff writers, journalists, freelancers Staff writers, business and/or industry professionals
Audience Scholars/researchers, including college students General public Business and/or industry professionals
Review Editorial board made up of other scholars and researchers. Some, but not all articles in scholarly journals are peer-reviewed Editor working for the magazine Editor working for the trade publication
Citations Footnotes/endnotes; bibliographies None None
Frequency Quarterly or semi-annually Usually weekly or monthly Usually weekly or monthly
Ads If there are any, they are usually for scholarly products such as books Numerous ads for a variety of products Ads for products geared toward a specific industry or business
Appearance Usually smaller in size, thicker and with a plain cover; images are often charts and graphs to support research findings Usually glossy and larger in size with numerous color photos Usually glossy with numerous color photos

Journal of Southern History, Developmental Psychology, American Literature, New England Journal of Medicine

Time, Vogue, Rolling Stone, New Yorker Pharmacy Times, Oil & Gas Investor Magazine, Designer Magazine


  • Can’t tell if something is scholarly, popular or trade? Ask a Librarian, Google the title to find the home page for the publication, or check Ulrichsweb for content type.

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