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This rubric communicates expectations for students writing a research paper requiring archival or primary resources using a variety of indicators, such as description, analysis, and evaluation.

This test package can be uploaded to Blackboard to assess student comprehension of the How to Read a Scientific Paper Tutorial.

All or a selection of these test items can be used early in the semester or before a library instruction session to get a sense of what students do and do not know. Later in the semester or after students have done research, you can use the same questions to get a sense of what students have learned. The correct answers are checked.

First-year students learn best from assignments that provide concrete and specific guidance on research methods.  Librarians can help you design assignments that will guide your students toward effective research, and this rubric is one tool we use to do that.

Apply the Research Guidance Rubric for Assignment Design to your assignment to ensure that it has:

  • Clear expectations about source requirements
  • A clear rationale and context for resource requirements
  • Focus on the research process
  • Library engagement

Use this rubric with the Source Analysis Assignment.