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DPOC Project Roles & Responsibilities

Here we will describe, briefly, some of the roles and associated responsibilities for projects.

Adapted from
Adapted from
Adapted from ITS “Project Plan Guidelines”

Project Owner

A project owner is the person who:

  • Stands to win or lose the most in terms of the outcome of the project
  • Stands to win or lose the most in terms of the outcome of the project
  • Accepts full authority for the project
  • Accepts accountability for the performance of the project (and who wants to do the project)
  • Facilitates communication about the project


  • Gives guidance on the overarching vision of the project
  • Works with DPOC to create Project Plan
  • Creates and executes the Communication Plan for the project
  • Regularly solicits information from project team to create status reports
  • Works closely with Project Lead (Member of DPOC)

Project Lead

A project lead is the person who:

  • Is a member of or assigned by the Digital Projects Oversight Committee
  • Understands the technical aspects of the project
  • Guides and manages the project team


  • Schedules meetings and sets agenda
  • Creates and manages Project Plan
  • Monitors project progress
  • Works closely with Project Owner
  • Monitors problems that could interfere with project progress

Project Planning

A project plan is a deliverable-oriented hierarchical outline of the tasks need to the deliver the project’s product or service.

Steps to building a project plan:

  • Hold kickoff meeting with project team
  • Begin developing project plan by brainstorming, gathering requirements with project team
  • Identify the highest level work components
  • Break work into small work components, then tasks
  • Estimate appropriate time for each task
Once your project plan is complete, DPOC will consolidate all the project plans so they can be scheduled. Some projects may be worked on simultaneously.



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