Self-Service and Full-Service Price List

Call Copier and Printing Services at 495-4239

8.25% tax on all services.

Self-Service PricesPrice
Letter $ .10
Ledger-size papers (not available on all copiers)$ .20
Microfilm or microfiche prints per sheet$ .25
Networked printing (B&W)$ .10
Networked printing duplexing (B&W)$ .16
Networking printing (color)$ .50
Library Copier Services Full-Service (available only at PCL)Price
Letter or legal size paper$ .20
Ledger-size paper$ .25
Reduction or enlargement$ .30
Duplexing (two-sided copying)$ .40
Color copies$1.00
Transparencies$ .60
Laminating$ 1.50
8 GB flash drives$12.00
Faxing: Each page (sending or receiving)$ 1.00
Long-distance charge (using our long-distance access code)$ 5.00
Overseas charge (using our long-distance access code)$10.00

UT Libraries also offers Poster Printing

Requests will be copied while you wait or may be left to be picked up the next day.
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