Loan Periods

Loan periods vary depending upon the status of the borrower and the collection to which an item belongs.

General Collection Materials

University of Texas at Austin Undergraduates and Courtesy borrowers

28-day loan

All other borrowers
semester loan

Limited Circulation Materials

All Borrowers

7-day, 3-day, 24-hour, 2-hour, or library use

Loan periods for bound and unbound periodicals
vary by library, but generally are two-hour or 3-day.
Some libraries restrict periodicals to library use.
Borrowers with special needs may request a longer loan period,
which may be granted at the branch level.

Non-book materials
ex., CDs, DVDs, maps, software,equipment
Loan periods for materials such as these vary by library.

Special collections
Special collections in specific libraries may have limited loan periods as determined by the library. For example, at PCL the New Books Collection has a 14-day loan period.

Rare book and manuscript materials and reference materials
Library Use

Reserve materials
2-hour, 24-hour, or 3-day loan,
as designated by the instructor placing materials on reserve.