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Libraries services have moved online and physical locations are closed.

Main website may not reflect current service offerings so please visit the Libraries Services Continuity Guide for up-to-date information.

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 2:40pm

Request Course Reserves

For UT Faculty and Course Instructors: During Fall 2020, UTL is providing an alternative to our on-site Reserves service called Course Reserves Scans through which requests for scans from essential course support materials may be submitted.

Depending on availability, UTL staff will determine what can be provided for your students, either through existing or purchased electronic items, by scanning sections from available print materials where possible, or working with you to find alternative Open Educational Resources (OER) online content.

You may already have course-specific items “on reserve” in one or more of our UTL locations. If so, and you intend to use the same material for Fall, you may use this form to initiate a request to have sections from those items scanned. Remember that due to copyright restrictions, we cannot scan entire books.

If there are additional or new essential course support items your students will need for Fall 2020, please use this form to initiate those Course Reserves Scan requests.




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