Materials Access

Alexander Architectural Archives Use Guidelines

The Alexander Architectural Archives is committed to providing open and equitable access to its collections. Guidelines governing access, copy work, and publication are established to balance your needs as a researcher with the rights of copyright holders and our stewardship of the records. As the researcher, you assume full responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and copyright.

Alexander Architectural Archives Handling Guidelines

The Alexander Architectural Archives has a great variety of formats in its collections including: drawings, papers and photographic materials. We take special care in adhering to preservation standards, investing in archival housing and providing a controlled environment. Whenever items are removed from their housing, they are exposed to light, pollutants, changes in temperature and humidity, the oils of human hands, and the risks involved with movement. To minimize damage, we handle items as little as possible and do not browse collections.

Alexander Architectural Archives Reading Room Rules

Welcome to the Alexander Architectural Archives. We ask your cooperation in adhering to the following reading room rules. It is our mission to safeguard and preserve collections for physical and intellectual posterity. If at any time you have questions about handling materials, please do not hesitate to ask. If you come across an item in need of care, please bring it to the attention of a staff member.


Federal Depository Library Materials Access Policy

  1. The University of Texas Libraries offers the public free access to materials obtained through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). As a participant in FDLP, the University of Texas Libraries follows the principle of free access governing use of depository materials as provided for in the Depository Library Act Of 1962 and as stated in Chapter 19 of Title 44, United States Code.
  2. Public access to online FDLP information is free of charge and equal to that offered for access to other information.