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Google Book Search

Google Book Search
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Dates of coverage vary. (Google) freely available to all users fulltext of articles available
Updated daily. Searches complete text of books from selected library collections and publishers. Search works just like a regular Google search -- when book content contains a match for selected search terms, Google provides links to it in the search results. Depending on a few factors, Google displays everything from a few short excerpts to the entire book.

Each book includes an "About this book" page with basic bibliographic data like title, author, publication date, length and subject. For some books, additional information like key terms and phrases, references to the book from scholarly publications or other books, chapter titles and a list of related books. For every book, links are provided to bookstores where you can buy the book and libraries where you can borrow it.

Additional content views are available, depending on the agreement Google has made with the content provider:

  • Full view: If Google has determined that a book is out of copyright, or the publisher or rightsholder has given Google permission, the entire book from start to finish will be made available. If the book is in the public domain, it will be available for download, saving and printing a PDF version to read.
  • Limited preview: If a publisher or author has joined Google's Partner Program, a few full pages from the book will be made available as a preview. Multiple searches within the book or browsing through the available pages (there's a limit to the amount of the book viewable online) will be made available.
  • Snippet view: Clicking on the book result will display the "About this book" page. Searches within the book will display up to three snippets of text from the book for each search term, showing the search term in context. As always in Book Search, links to places where the book can be purchased or borrowed will be made available.
  • No preview available: For books where Google is unable to show snippets, an "About this book" page displaying bibliographic information about the book, plus links to locate the book in a bookstore or library.

More information on Google Books is available.

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