Using USB Devices

The Library's EIC Workstations are equipped with USB ports, making it possible to use a wide variety of USB devices. Library PCs have ports on the front of the PC, possibly under a flip-up cover. When a USB storage device is plugged in, it will look like a disk drive, and folders and files work just the way they do with other drives.

NOTE: When you work from a USB drive, the best way to protect your data is to copy files from the USB drive to the desktop of the PC, edit the file from the desktop, then copy the updated file back to your USB drive. We have seen files that were edited directly on the USB drive get corrupted and lost.

When you want to unplug the device, find the USB icon in the status area at the bottom right-hand part of the screen (aka system tray) and move the mouse pointer to it (see picture below):

usb remove

Left-click the icon which will bring up a small window that says "Safely remove USB mass storage device". Left-click this message and wait a few seconds for a pop-up window saying:

safe to remove