The Foundry @ FAL Policies and Service Level Agreement

Eligibility Requirements:

Use of The Foundry is limited to current University of Texas at Austin students, faculty and staff. Visiting scholar access and use of The Foundry will be handled on a case by case basis.

Operating hours: The Foundry is open during Fine Arts Library operating hours. The Foundry will limit use of equipment during winter and summer break in order to update software and perform routine maintenance on the equipment.

Faculty/Instructor/Visitor Use:

Course-integrated instruction: To accommodate all of our users, faculty and instructors using The Foundry for course related instruction will be limited to 3 reservations per semester. Additional questions about course integrated instruction should be directed to The Foundry request form. Requests for course-integrated instruction should be submitted at least one month in advance. Due to limited space and equipment, classes in excess of 25 students cannot currently be supported in the space. For larger classes there are two options:

  • Foundry staff can provide a 30 minute tour of the Foundry and integrate the discussion with course content.
  • Foundry staff can visit students in the regularly scheduled class meeting space and provide a 30 minute overview of The Foundry and makerspace technology.

Non-course integrated instruction: Requests for non-course integrated instruction should be submitted online using The Foundry request form.

Equipment Certification Process and Usage Policies: Available through the Canvas course for all equipment. Limited to UT affiliates.

Tours: Requests for course integrated tours should be submitted through The Foundry request form. The Foundry offers non course-integrated tours weekly on Friday at 12pm. To register for one of these tours join the Canvas course and sign up.


  • Users must adhere to publicized policies for use of The Foundry.
  • Faculty, instructors, or TAs must be present during instruction sessions unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Requests for course integrated instruction must be submitted at least one month in advance. 
  • Requests for special events must be submitted 6-8 weeks in advance of the event date.
  • Preference will be given to UT students, faculty, and staff. Preference will also be given to CAET students and faculty.
  • All services are based on equipment and staff availability.

User’s Responsibilities:

Copyright and Fair Use: Use of copyrighted materials in The Foundry is subject to all applicable laws including provisions for Fair Use. Use of The Foundry to make copies of copyrighted materials is prohibited.

Commercial Use: The Foundry is for instructional use only. Commercial use of the hardware and software is prohibited. The Foundry should not be used for mass production of objects, or for objects that are intended to be sold for profit. The production of weapons is not allowed in The Foundry. The safety of all students and staff is a priority, and users of The Foundry are subject to all University of Texas at Austin regulations and compliance rules.

Materials restrictions: The types of materials that can be used on Foundry equipment are strictly regulated. In many cases the materials needed by students will be available for purchase using Bevo Bucks. In other cases, The Foundry has established a partnership with the Art Store at The University Co-op. Materials purchased at the co-op are in compliance with all safety regulations. Users should be prepared to present a receipt of purchase to Foundry staff prior to using materials on any of the equipment.

Users with disabilities: The Foundry is an inclusive space. All users will be accommodated provided advance notice is submitted.

Members of the Press:

All requests from the press should be submitted to Travis Willmann, Communications Officer, University of Texas Libraries.

Response time:

All email inquiries and submissions through The Foundry request form will be answered within three business days.

Contact information:

Amber Welch
Head, Technology Enhanced Learning