Online Exhibits

Detail of Sutton Hall, Watercolor on paper
Curated by Blake Alexander, founder of the Alexander Architectural Archives
Map of Acquisitions
Building world class collections can be made up of chance encounters and...
Cover of "Sah rangī maut (The Tri-colored Death)"
An exhibit of the book covers of Ibne Safi mysteries.
Cover of "ദി ക്രിമിനൽസ് (ഡിറ്റക്റ്റീവ് നോവൽ) Di kriminals : ḍiṯṯakṭīv nōval"
Exhibit in English and in Malayalam on the works of Kottayam Pushpanath.
A photograph looking down on the construction of the Reading Room in Battle Hall in 1911. Image courtesy of the The New-York Historical Society.
Online exhibit celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of Battle Hall.
Riza Tevfik Bey and Selim Sirr
This exhibit highlights some of the most poignant political cartoons from...
Texas Architecture A Visual History timeline image
nspired by the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project, Texas...