pink and purple hanging prints in cube shape in corner
Sunday Jan. 28, 2018
Print Futures
1 to 3 p.m.
Fine Arts Library

As we move into a post-digital landscape where digital technologies aren't a new presence but a familiar backdrop in a larger conversation, what are the ramifications in the print world? In what ways have artists and institutions adapted and incorporated it into traditional analog-maker approaches. How is it being successfully utilized and in what ways does it fall short of expectations? In this panel, four artist-practitioners discuss the way technology is utilized in their personal practice and/or at their affiliated institutions. 

A panel discussion on the future of printmaking and printed artwork with an emphasis on the supplemental use of digital technologies. Each of the four presenters will do a 15-minute presentation about their work followed by a half hour of Q&A. Presenters will include Dr. Paul Laidler (Centre for Fine Print Research, University of West England), Professor Lari Gibbons (Associate Professor of Art, University of North Texas; Director of PRINT Press), Professor R. Eric McMaster (Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin; Manager, Digital Fabrication Lab), and Evelyn Contreras (graduate student, University of Texas at Austin). The panel will be moderated by Professor Jason Urban (Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin).

This panel has been organized in conjunction with Print Austin. Image credit: Evelyn Contreras, Untitled, Acrylic, silkscreen, spray paint, mirrored acrylic, wood, & LED, 48″x48″x64″, 2017.​

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