digital scholars in practice
Tuesday March 21
Digital Scholars in Practice: "Determining Reservoir Storage Capacity & Sediment Yields Using Bathymetric Data" by Bailey Ohlson
1 to 2 p.m.
PCL Learning Lab 2

Digital Scholars in Practice: "Determining Reservoir Storage Capacity and Sediment Yields Using Bathymetric Data in the Puerto Rican Mountains" by Bailey Ohlson

Fresh water reservoirs in Puerto Rico are aggrading at alarming rates, threatening the freshwater storage capacity for the island during periods of drought. Bailey Ohlson and Dr. Carlos Ramos-Scharrón have collected bathymetric data using a hydro-drone operated remotely using a base station receiver, DGPS, and a watercraft with a depth sounder and GPS. This presentation will discuss how the raw data can be taken into GIS software to create a model of the lake floor, calculate the volume of water storage, as well as estimate the volume of sediment accumulated since the latest USGS bathymetric survey in 2000.