title and description of exhibit on teal background with half showing the texas flag and a newspaper
Aug. 1 - 31
Queering the South: Highlighting the unique history of LGBTQIA+ rights locally and across the south
All-day event
Perry-Castañeda Library

Perry-Castañeda Library, 3rd floor

In honor of Austin’s annual celebration of Pride in August, this display highlights LGBTQIA+ history in Austin and across the southern United States. These display materials serve to provide context for this event and share historical experiences and information about the LGBTQIA+ community focusing as much as possible on intersectional marginalized identities.

This display was developed by iSchool Pride, a student group out of UT’s School of Information, in collaboration with UT Libraries staff.

Join the conversation by contributing to a Zine! Decorate one of the half-sheets provided with the display following one of the prompts below. iSchool Pride will be compiling these pages into a collective zine. This project aims to fill in information gaps in LGBTQIA+ experiences on campus. The pages will be collected into a zine and distributed by iSchool Pride in September.


  • Write or draw about your experience with Austin Pride or LGBTQA+ organizations/events.
  • What type of support do you want to see around UT Austin?
  • What is pride?

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