Wednesday Feb. 27, 2019
UT Libraries and Critical Challenges Facing the Future of Teaching and Research
3:30 to 5 p.m.
Avaya Auditorium (POB 2.302)

A panel discussion sponsored by the Collections subcommittee of the Task Force on the Future of UT Libraries. Four panelists will speak to a range of key issues that have already had a profound effect on the libraries, issues that will continue to drive the evolution of how faculty and students conduct research and teaching at UT Austin.  

Perhaps most importantly, we will be asking what it will take to ensure that UT Austin remains a top Research-I library in both the short term and the long term.  Our libraries face immediate and urgent challenges: the library budget has remained flat for nearly a decade while the cost of journal subscriptions has continued to rise annually. This reality has seriously impacted the library's ability to collect, not only in traditional fields but in emerging fields. As faculty face ever-mounting pressures to publish, it is imperative that they have the support of a top research library. We will be asking the UT community what that support needs to look like to ensure that our libraries remain a campus gem.

This first meeting is intended to define some of the main issues that currently present challenges to maintaining collections for UT Libraries (and all university libraries); and to get some sense of how UT is addressing these challenges. We hope to use this meeting to start an important and timely conversation that can then be continued over the semester in subsequent meetings, on the Provost’s website, and online via social media.  We hope that this meeting will result in a lively and productive conversation, and we encourage you to join us. 

Panelists: Lydia Fletcher (Physical & Mathematical Sciences Librarian, UT Libraries), Jonathan Kaplan (Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern Studies), Colleen Lyon (Scholarly Communications Librarian, UT Libraries), Alexia Thompson-Young (Assistant Director/Scholarly Resources, UT Libraries).

Watch online:  

A recording will be posted to the task force web site afterwards.


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