illustration of two men on either side of beast playing guitar
Oct. 1 - 31, 2018
Traversing Dimensions: An Exploration of Diversity in Science Fiction
All-day event
Perry-Castañeda Library

Scholars Commons, Perry-Castañeda Library


Science fiction literature is often seen as a space traditionally reserved for white, male authors and audiences. However, with growing interest in Afrofuturism and exploration of identity, there is clearly a desire to discuss the alterity of science fiction. This exhibit aims to contextualize past and present diverse works and authors of sci-fi, including speculative fiction. We feature traditionally underrepresented perspectives from Black, East and South Asian, Latinx, Latin American, LGBTQIA, feminist and intersectional authors. By traversing the more familiar, we can explore new dimensions and consider how these horizons mirror our current time and space.

This exhibition was curated by Adriana Casarez, graduate student in the School of Information and UT Libraries Ask A Librarian Intern.

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