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Friday Oct. 12, 2018
[cancelled] Science Communication Workshop
8:30 a.m. to Noon
Perry-Castañeda Library

Learning Lab 1, Perry-Castañeda Library


Sign up to attend this FREE workshop and learn how to make your research accessible to non-expert audiences. Distill your message and tell jargon-free stories that connect laypersons with your science. Attendance is limited to 25 per workshop. You will be notified as to whether you are registered or waitlisted. This workshop is for graduate students only.


The workshop presenters, Dr. Rob Milman (Center for Health Communication) and Shana Merlin (CHC, Merlin-Works), will cover: 

1)   Improv for Stage Presence: Learn how to command the stage and connect with your audience. Gain tools to prepare not just your content, but your body, voice, and mind for optimal delivery when you are on the spot and under pressure. 

2)   Distilling Your Message: Explore how to reduce jargon and increase understanding. Using story, metaphor, emotion, humor, and more, create compelling content that sticks with your audience.

3)   Individual Coaching and Feedback: Have a chance to present a portion of your talk, receive direct feedback from coaches and peers, and try it again with new input.


Questions? Contact Roxanne Bogucka.

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