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Monday March 19
Film screening: "The Watermelon Woman"
6:30 to 9 p.m.
Perry-Castañeda Library

Learning Lab 1
Perry-Castañeda Library

Join us for a screening and discussion of the film The Watermelon Woman, presented by the University of Texas Libraries in cooperation with Profs. Ann Cvetkovich and Vlad Beronja.

The Watermelon Woman is a landmark of New Queer Cinema. The film follows Cheryl, a video store clerk and fledgling filmmaker, as she makes a documentary about the "most beautiful mammy," a character she sees in a 1930s movie. Interviews with her own mother and cultural critic Camille Paglia, along with Dunye's own direct address of the camera, further the non-fiction conceit in a film that uses the mockumentary format to unpack LGBT, Philadelphia and Black history. Complete with grainy clips and stills from movies that never were, The Watermelon Woman — winner of the Teddy Award at the 1996 Berlin International Film Festival — is an engaging and important work of social critique.

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