Advisory Council

Honorary/Lifetime Member

Jan J. Roberts, Austin, Texas

Advisory Council, 2015-2016

JD Torian, Austin, Texas - Chair

Sarah A. Bird, Austin, Texas
Tony C. Budet, Austin, Texas
Eli, Camhi, New York, New York
Kenneth D. Capps, Dallas, Texas 
Gregory B. Curtis, Austin, Texas
Jim Estrada, Austin, Texas
Darrick W. Eugene, Austin, Texas
Robert L. Faires, Austin, Texas
Saundria C. Gray, Houston, Texas
Clint Greenleaf, Austin, Texas
Bill M. Grosskopf, Austin, Texas
Tanya M. Hall, Austin, Texas
Wendy T. Heger, Houston, Texas
Kurt O. Heinzelman, Ph.D., Austin, Texas
Dwayne J. Hermes, Dallas, Texas 
Margery M. Lindsey, Austin, Texas
Greg Lipscomb, Austin, Texas
Cale McDowell, Austin, Texas
Kimberley Mickelson, Chicago, Illinois
Edward E. Nawotka III, Houston, Texas
Robert E. Parks, New York, New York
Christine A. Plonsky, Austin, Texas
Francine M. Prosser-Johnson, San Antonio, Texas
Mike Rome, Houston, Texas
Harriett D. Romo, Ph.D., San Antonio, Texas
Carlt S. Smith, Houston, Texas
Corey Tabor, Austin, Texas
Dan Tonkery, San Antonio, Texas
Marc T. Winkelman, Austin, Texas

Advisory Council Charter

"The University of Texas Libraries provide a window to the world of emerging knowledge, as well as to our cultural legacy and historical archives. The Advisory Council brings together community and academic leaders who share a mutual commitment to champion the libraries of the University in a public way to promote its world-class stature and its service to higher education, the citizens of Texas and the world beyond."
--Tony Budet