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Ruth Stephan Poetry Collection at the UT Poetry Center

The Ruth Stephan Poetry Collection was founded in 1965 to promote the reading of poetry for enjoyment and edification. The UT Libraries Poetry Center, which includes the Ruth Stephan Collection, seeks to gather representative works of renowned contemporary poets of the U.S. and international poets in conversation with the U.S. The collection’s unique identity arises from its focus on the work of local poets and of independent publishers, including rare chapbooks and small-run publications.

Titles are added to the collection based on the following criteria:

Marine Science Library Rare Books

The foundation of the Marine Science Library’s collection came through the efforts of Dr. Elmer J.

Visual Resources Collection, Fine Arts Library

The Fine Arts Library's Visual Resources Collection consists of two important collections of images of art, architecture, and design from all periods.

Chemical Spectra Collection

The Spectra Collection contains a nearly comprehensive array of published compilations, handbooks, and reference works covering spectroscopy and spectral analysis of chemical compounds and other substances.  It includes techniques such as infrared, NMR, Raman, mass spectrometry, UV, X-ray, and others.  While the emphasis of published works of this kind is on organic compounds, one can also find information on spectra of inorganic, pharmaceutical, polymeric, and biological materials.  The collection includes complete copies of large multivolume compilations such as the Sadtler Standard Spect

Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) Map Collection

The Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) Map Collection, consisting of the physical collection and an online collection of scanned maps, provides comprehensive cartographic resources to serve constituents both within and beyond the university’s walls. 

Cobet Collection

The years 1945-1950 were formative in modern German history as the search for a new political, social, and cultural value system began. In the period immediately following the end of World War II, an entire nation looked inward, questioning, searching the collective memory and conscience, and probing the societal soul. Germany in 1945 entered into an extraordinary period of intellectual ferment that was to continue for the next six years.

Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) Map Collection

The Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) Map Collection, comprising more than 350,000 items representing all areas of the world, provides comprehensive cartographic resources to serve constituents both within and beyond the university’s walls. Most of the maps in the collection date from 1900 to the present, and the collection is continually updated with new and gifted materials. Since 1995, the PCL Map Collection has digitized 70,000 maps from the print collection and has also forged partnerships with local and national archives to create a more comprehensive online map collection.

University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture Archives: Development records

Development records from The University of Texas School of Architecture document fund-raising efforts and administrative work related to these endeavors. Additional records detail the establishment of eight endowed professorships within the School of Architecture. Record types include correspondence, documentation of financial donations to the School of Architecture, scholarship administration, annual activity of the Dean's Council, and records corresponding with fund-raising efforts directed at individuals, alumni, architectural firms, corporations, and foundations.

Jessen and Jessen collection

Architects Harold E. (Bubi) Jessen (1908-1979) and Wolfe Jessen (1915-1977), both born in Austin, Texas and educated at the University of Texas. They opened Jessen and Jessen in 1938 and continued to practice in Austin with a range of partners for decades. The collection included papers, photographs, and drawings. Related materials can be found at the Austin History Center.

Lisa Germany collection

Scholar Lisa Germany has written on architecture since the early 1980's, contributing to publications such as Architectural Record, Harvard Design Magazine, Progressive Architecture, Texas Monthly, and Texas Architect. The collection documents Germany’s scholarship on the career of architect Harwell Hamilton Harris. The collection also contains records created by Harris, and his wife, Jean Murray Bangs Harris.