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Managing Your References

file cabinet As you do your research, you will start accumulating lots of references and articles - and they pile up fast. Setting up an efficient way to manage and use them will save you lots of time down the road. This is where tools known as reference or citation managers come in.

Citation managers have two primary functions:

There are several types to choose from, including software you can purchase for your personal computer, or free web tools. This Guide can help you compare the managers that the UT Libraries support. Which one is best? It depends on your plans and needs. If you're going on to further research and grad school after UT, it's best to buy and learn EndNote software, because it's the most powerful tool and will be your best friend later on. If you just need to manage references on a few research papers, free tools like Zotero and EndNote Basic (on the web) will probably be enough. Try them out and see.

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