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Service Alert: Mallet Library Closed for WEL Renovation

The Mallet Chemistry Library closed at the end of the Spring semester and will remain closed for the duration of the upcoming Welch Hall 1978 wing renovation project. These FAQ will hopefully answer your questions about access to the library's services and collection.

Where can I ask questions and get help?
You can use our Ask a Question form, or call us at 512-495-4600. We'll keep this page fully up to date as well.

Where are the reserves textbooks?
Textbooks and other books currently on reserve for students in courses are temporarily located in the Geology Library in JGB (4th floor). At some point in the fall of 2017 they will move to the Physics-Math-Astronomy Library in RLM where students can check them out as usual. (We are awaiting the opening of the new Engineering Library in EERC to make this move.)

Where have the books gone?
The books (monographs and reference materials) are currently in temporary space on the 6th floor of the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL, sections 6AA and 6BB), where they are available for direct use.
PCL 6th floor plan
(Click to enlarge)

The print journals have moved temporarily to a storage facility on campus and eventually will go to remote storage sites such as the Library Storage Facility on the Pickle Campus or the Joint Library Facility in Bryan TX.

Can I get scans of articles from the journals?
Yes! Place your Get a Scan requests as you always have. And remember that about half of the printed journal content formerly in the library is currently available to us online.

Can I get books from the Chemistry collection delivered somewhere?
Yes, everyone can use our Pick It Up service via the Library Catalog to request paging and delivery of books to another campus library. The nearest checkout desks to Welch Hall are in the Life Science Library (MAI 220) and PMA Library (RLM). Turnaround is usually two business days. You may also go to PCL to get a chemistry book yourself if you need it immediately.

Where do I return books checked out from the Chemistry Library?
You can return Chemistry books to any campus library or remote drop-box. The nearest checkout desks to Welch Hall are in the Life Science Library (MAI 220) and PMA Library (RLM). There are also remote book-drops on Dean Keeton near the ECJ bridge, and on the circle drive between FAC and MAI.

What about the meeting rooms?
The meeting rooms in the library are not available during the construction project. Faculty and staff should contact the chairman's office for alternative Chemistry meeting spaces. Students can reserve group rooms in PCL subject to availability.

Where can I access computers and software like ChemDraw?
Limited numbers of EID-login workstations are available in other campus libraries. However, they don't have chemistry-specific software. Consult with your instructors for assistance. There are no open computer labs in Welch Hall.

Why did the Chemistry Library have to close?
While the library's entry is in the 1929 wing, the mechanical and electrical systems inside the library are part of the 1978 expansion and will be shut off in late summer. Temporary power and HVAC are not feasible for a project of this duration (2.5 years or more). It is not possible to remain open for business or store the print materials in that space due to hazards such as mold, heat, dust, and ongoing construction work.

When will the library return?
At the completion of the WEL renovation, currently estimated by early 2020.

What parts of the collection will return?
This is not yet determined. Journals will likely remain in permanent storage.


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