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  1. Report of the Regents, Dec. 18, 1884. (Austin, 1885), p.6. The laboratories and their apparatus are described in the University Catalogue, 1887-88, pp.53-57. The increasingly dangerous and deplorable conditions of the chemical laboratories in Old Main were described in great detail by Everhart in a report to the Regents ("Exhibit K, Chemical Laboratory," Report of the Regents, 4th, 1890, 44-47.) The rooms were poorly lit, damp permeated everything and rusted apparatus, and ventilation was poor. "Formerly all fumes and gases generated in this laboratory found an easy exit into the library; but the Librarian stopped up the holes in that room, and since that time all vapors are held in the laboratory until by slow diffusion they can find their way into the outside atmosphere or can be neutralized by apparatus or inhaled by students."
  2. The new Chemistry Laboratory is described in detail, with floor plans, in the 1891-92 University Catalogue.
  3. Austin Statesman, 10/16/26, p.1.; Daily Texan, 10/17/26. It is interesting to note that the Library's lucky fate was the point most dwelled on in news coverage of the fire; it was repeatedly referred to as "priceless" and "famous", a reputation borne out by the determination of the faculty to sacrifice everything else in order to save it from the flames.
  4. see Clark, James Anthony. A biography of Robert Alonzo Welch. (Houston: Clark, 1963).
  5. Those interested in further details about the campus' growth and design should consult two books by Margaret C. Berry: Brick by golden brick: a history of campus buildings at the University of Texas at Austin, 1883-1993. (Austin: LBCo, 1993); and The University of Texas: a pictorial account of its first century. (UT Press, 1980). A thorough history of the Chemical Engineering Dept. is available in Chemical engineering at the University of Texas, 1910-1990 by Howard Rase and William Cunningham (Austin: College of Engineering, UT, 1990). Numerous other photographs of the campus are found in the University Archives at the Center for American History, and the Cactus yearbook.


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