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H. L. (Harry) Lochte, 1922-1967


Born 1892, Died 1976
BA, UT, 1918
PhD, Illinois, 1922 (W.A. Noyes Sr.)
Instructor, 1922-23
Adjunct Professor, 1923-26
Associate Professor (PETROLEUM/ORGANIC), 1926-36
Professor, 1936-67

Harry Lochte was born in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1892. He taught in high schools in Brackettville and New Braunfels before attending UT for his B.A. degree and working in the Chemistry Dept. as an assistant. After service in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps during World War I, he returned to UT for graduate study and then finished his PhD at Illinois in 1922, under the direction of William Albert Noyes Sr. He came back to Austin as adjunct, then professor, and spent the rest of his career at UT. He was instrumental in developing UT's graduate program, and was in charge of the undergraduate organic chemistry courses for many years.

His research centered on the chemistry of petroleum products, particularly the isolation of naphthenic and aliphatic acids and nitrogen bases from petroleum and shale oil. He was a longtime supporter of the Chemistry Library, and was the professor who oversaw its operation when it was still a part of the Chemistry Department. Lochte was also the person most responsible for saving the library during the Chemistry Building fire of 1926.

He retired in 1967 and died after a long illness in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1976.

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