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What: Research + Pizza: Dr. Alberto Martínez dissects the origin stories of science.  This event is free and open to the public.

When: Noon, Wednesday, March 5.

Where: Perry-Castañeda Library, UFCU Student Learning Commons (PCL 2.500), The University of Texas at Austin.

Background: Did Newton really stumble upon his theory of gravitation as the result of an errant piece of fruit? History Department faculty Dr. Alberto Martínez debunks falling apples, leaning towers and other popular science myths.

Martínez writes extensively on the history of science and mathematics, especially the origins of Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Most recently, he is the author of The Cult of Pythagoras (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012), on the evolution of myths in the history of mathematics. He is also the author of Science Secrets: The Truth About Darwin's Finches, Einstein's Wife, and Other Myths(University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011). And previously, he published Kinematics: The Lost Origins of Einstein's Relativity (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009), and Negative Math (Princeton University Press, 2005). 

Free Pizza (while it lasts) generously provided by program supporter Austin’s Pizza.

Research + Pizza a lunchtime lecture series featuring research presentations by faculty from across the university. 

Article published on February 17, 2014 - 11:15am

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