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Future of the Fine Arts Library

Recent renovations to the Fine Arts Library and developments at the College of Fine Arts have raised concerns about the future of the library. In response to questions presented to representatives of COFA and the Libraries, Dean Doug Dempster has released a statement regarding processes for community involvement in discussions about how the Fine Arts Library will evolve to serve its users and the strategic vision of the college.

Two working groups will be formed to explore and address the future of spaces in the Fine Arts Library in Doty Fine Arts Building (DFA).

The first, under the leadership of the UT Libraries, will explore and evaluate the alternatives to having the Fine Arts collection on the fifth floor of DFA—in part or whole—and will explore the drawbacks and advantages of those alternatives. Students, faculty and staff may provide input for consideration by the task force through Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at fal-taskforce@lib.utexas.edu.

The second will consider a) what facilities our new programs need and b) what spaces in the College of Fine Arts, throughout all our buildings and facilities in every department and school, could accommodate these expanding programs. All current spaces throughout the College of Fine Arts facilities will be considered, including the Doty Fine Arts Building.

There will be faculty and student representation in these working groups.

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