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Celebrating the Life

 For the past 11 years, Professor Jeffrey Chipps Smith has generously included the Fine Arts Library in a request for funds associated with the Kay Fortson Chair in European Art History made to the Kimbell Art Foundation of Fort Worth.  Each year the University of Texas Libraries have matched the Foundation’s generous donation, furthering the positive impact that this grant money provides.
Professor Smith’s facilitation of the foundation’s support has enabled the Fine Arts Library to acquire some of the most sought-after resources in the areas of European Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art. These significant additions to the research collections have expanded the Libraries’ ability to better serve students, faculty, researchers and visitors, and to make the collection one of the strongest in the United States.
“Building on the formidable strengths of our library even in times of budgetary austerity is critical for both present and future users,” explains Smith. “Having one of the finest art history libraries in the world in Austin directly enhances my own research and publications.” 
“We are incredibly grateful for Jeff’s help in including the Fine Arts Library in his funding appeal,” say head librarian Laura Schwartz. “We hope that his example leads other faculty to consider how the Libraries support academic enterprise at UT.”
Support like this is paramount as the Libraries continues to facilitate information, discovery, innovation and creativity to advance research and transform lives, and ultimately, to change the world. 
“We appreciate the generous action by Professor Smith in considering the Libraries impact on his own scholarship,” offers Libraries director Fred Heath. “His decision to include the Fine Arts Library in the calculus for the Kimbell grant helps highlight the faculty/libraries collaborative relationship in a truly meaningful way.” 


Article published on July 17, 2013 - 9:15am

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