Textile and Apparel

The Textiles and Apparel collection supports teaching, learning, production, and research through the Ph.D. level in textiles and apparel, with attention given to these areas in UT School of Human Ecology’s Textiles and Apparel division: textile and apparel technology; apparel, function, and technical design; merchandising and consumer sciences; and textile conservation and museum studies.

Material about clothing design, fashion, and the history of clothing & human bodily decoration is mainly located in the Fine Arts Library.  Material about the technology of textile creation, etc. is located in the appropriate science collection (engineering, chemistry, biomedical engineering, etc.).  And material concerning the business of fashion and the clothing industry is located with the business materials in PCL.

English is the primary language of collection, with a focus on studies concerning North America, Europe, and Asia.

Print and electronic format materials are collected to meet the needs of users. Periodicals and products of mainstream U.S. publishers are frequently collected in electronic format, when available.

Video in any format is also collected.  Preference given to streaming video with perpetual rights and DVD.

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