Fine Arts & Humanities Team

Fine Arts and Humanities (FAH) collections and related education, programming, and services support our field ­specific as well as campus­wide faculty and students building their critical thinking, media literacy, and creativity skills. These are the skills the Texas Humanities Project sees generating “innovative thinking, creative cultural production, and essential new knowledge across fields and professions,” skills that “can improve quality of life and help us explore life’s meanings.”

Collections Scope

Our collections are interdisciplinary in scope and inform the lives of each faculty and student on campus. We support teaching and research with physical and digital materials in collections of disciplinary and interdisciplinary materials in all formats with a focus on images, music, text, and video. We collect materials in numerous languages though primarily in English and about all areas of the world. In addition to the fields in the list of our subject specialties below, our collections, programming, and teaching also relate to overlapping fields that are at times also considered fields in the Humanities, including: African and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies, and History. We are developing streaming audio and video as well as collections of digital images in art and architecture. Our collections also include archival and special collections which reflect the products of our culture and provide enduring research value. As a cultural record, our collections have lasting value and provide opportunities found only at UT.

Collections Use

Through our collections, events, and information literacy teaching, we enhance the skills of faculty, student, staff, and community library users. The collections we build and curate, and our relationships across campus and within the Libraries, are central to new directions in Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship. The collections inform events we create and classes we teach in partnership with our faculty and students as well as with local and national organizations.

We support both our dedicated faculty and students, and our materials and services are central to faculty and students campus­wide. We also support the full campus when we support our undergraduates and graduate students who go on to continue graduate education in all fields. Through our open events and community and scholarly partnerships we build relationships between our remarkable collections and our local and national communities. Our materials go out through InterLibrary Loan and are accessible to Courtesy Borrowers here in Austin.