Physics materials support both research and teaching (through the Ph.D. level) in the major areas of theoretical and experimental physics. While interest in these areas is concentrated in the Department of Physics, certain topics are also relevant to astronomy, chemistry, engineering, geology and mathematics.

Primary areas of concentration in the department are atomic, molecular and optical physics;  nonlinear dynamics; nuclear physics; plasma physics; fluid dynamics; condensed matter physics; relativity and cosmology; statistical mechanics; and elementary particle physics.

English is the primary language of the collection. Works in other languages or in translation are acquired selectively. Popular works and lower division textbooks are acquired selectively; upper division and graduate level textbooks are purchased broadly. Publications of primary societies (e.g., American Institute of Physics and its member societies, American Physical Society, Institute of Physics, Physical Society of Japan) are actively selected.

The collection includes selected publications of conferences, symposia, workshops and congresses. Technical reports, government documents, theses and dissertations are generally excluded. Periodicals are collected in electronic format, when available.  Monographs are acquired in print or electronic form. 

The applied physics treatment of other topics is the responsibility of the bibliographer in the areas of application.  For example, geophysics, astrophysics, physical chemistry, materials science, metallurgy, meteorology and climate science.

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QC 1-80General, Mathematical Physics, Force and Energy
QC 81-119Weights and Measures
QC 120-169Mechanics, Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Gases, Vacuum
QC 170-219Atomic Physics. Matter, Relativity, Quantum Theory, Solid State Physics, Gravitation, Rheology, Thermal Properties
QC 220-250Sound, Acoustics, Light, Heat as a Whole, Ultrasonics
QC 251-349Heat, Low Teamperature Physics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Radiation and Absorption